What Makes Decorative Concrete Driveway A Good Option?

If you are looking for the perfect alternative to asphalt driveways, then you should consider concrete driveway. Much like asphalt, plain concrete driveway isn’t going to be eye-catching. Concrete is basically grayish in color while the asphalt is typically black. If the homeowner wants to stay away from these plain and dull colors, the option is to make use of decorative concrete driveways.

The best thing about decorative surface is the fact that they can be painted, stained, textured or even given with intricate and complex patterns. And similar to other typical concrete driveways, this surface is also cost effective and highly durable. In regards to increasing curb appeal of the house while boosting its worth in the housing market, decorative drive by Miami Commercial Foundations is a very effective option.

The long term durability it has is one of the major benefits of using concrete based driveway. Concrete is often made up of rock, cement, sand and water. Ready mixed supply also comes with wide range of waste byproducts. Keep in mind that a concrete pathway or driveway can last to up to 24 years given the fact that it is laid well and that it is maintained well and to high standards. This surface material is resilient and may be installed either in mild or harsh climates without being too concerned that it may deteriorate sooner or later.

If you want to avoid having a plain looking driveway, then it is feasible to create a one-of-a-kind look by stamping concrete in a way that it emulates other materials effectively. Given that such practice is done following professional standards, the results can make a driveway by http://adonaiindustriesinc.com/our-services/driveways-foundations/ looking much tile, slate, flagstone, brick or stone. Creating a more elaborate design will probably increase the cost of installation but you’ll surely be left with an appealing and high quality driveway.

You may consider adding some pebbles to the top layer while the cement is still wet, which is a good alternative option to improving its appearance. This is going to leave the pebbles exposed partly, giving an appealing dimensional effect. Patterns may also be included by saw cutting the upper layer of the cement allowing you to create pretty much any design that you wish.

The color is yet another option that can boost the appearance of your driveway literally. Colors used for concrete driveway is either mixed or dusted into basic cement to ensure that there is even consistency created. Some of the common colors are tile red, cobblestone, gold, taupe and terracotta. Adding colors are actually a straightforward and simple process and is now a very common practice.


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